Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

These are religious symbols used at church for the Christmas season. I made them for the Christmas Tree that graces the entry to the sanctuary of our church this time of year. They are made from white felt, gold metallic trims and a few sequins.

Christmas Eve

The Ponsettias were so beautiful this year. I just had to take some pics of them to share with you all. The church was decorated with hanging greenery, big red bows and Ponsettias.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Baskets

This is one of the baskets that I make for my kids now that they have "out grown" their Stockings.
I just get plain baskets and embellish them, then I add a gift certificate for dinner, a warming plate with candle, popcorn, 2 liter pop (of their choice) a movie gift card, their favorite candy and a couple of new kitchen towels. They love it, so a new tradition (the last 3 years) has been established. And I really enjoy putting these together for them.

Look What We Are Getting for Christmas

We are getting a little snow for probably won't last long. We don't normally have snow and ice here in Oklahoma before Janurary, so this is kinda wild. But it is beautiful and the kids love it.

I know it is not as much as other's have up North, but for some reason after living in Oklahoma for 40 years I sorta think about this being a southern state. LOL Anyway, it is beautiful and we can sing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", not as good as Bing Crosby but we have a great time singing.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vintage Christmas Stickers

Here are some Vintage Christmas Stickers that I found today in the wrapping supplies. My roommates mother had a box of Christmas wrapping paper (flat fold), ribbon and tags up in the attic. We had gotten down the old Christmas ornaments that Susan's family had used when she was a child and there was this box marked "Xmas Paper". Boy, was I excited when I found these stickers. They are the kind you have to lick. They are at least from the late 50s. I want to share them with anyone that would like to save and print for their own use. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Christmas Traditions

The pics of the final step "dry brushing" are now posted with the other altered tags on the December 4th Post. Just go to the post list in the left hand column and click on the altered tags post and you will find them there in all their glory.

I am making my infamous "Christmas Baskets" for my family members today and will post some pics of them later today or tomorrow. My kids have always loved their stockings better than their gifts on Christmas morning (after the sausage & egg casserole breakfast of course). It has been our tradition for everyone to bring "Stocking Stuffers" for everyone and fill the Huge Stockings (30" x 20") with all kinds of goodies and small gifts. Of course the grand kids stockings are larger. Since we are all so scattered now and we go to each others homes it is easier for me to make baskets containing all kinds of fun gifts. This year's baskets are an "evening" on mom. They have a restaurant gift card, (Johnny Carinos) a Blockbuster gift card, a 2 liter Soda Pop, a package of micro popcorn, a loaf of specialty bread (home made by grandma) a candle warmer, a jar candle and 2 kitchen towels (to match their kitchen colors, of course). I made big tags that say "Dinner and A Movie Evening Just For You".

It is hard to let go of old traditions, but as the kids grow up and they get kids, things change and NEW Traditions are created. The clue here is that we do grow, all of us, and we have to be pliable. I guess some people have a hard time with that, but the important thing is that we are family and that we love each other "unconditionally".

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday no matter what you call it or how you celebrate.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Ice Man Cometh

For some reason this pic uploaded side wasys. This is our spiral willow and it is a spiral willow ice tree this morning. The ice and rain just keeps on falling. Everything is covered with about 1/2 inch of ice. All of the schools and just about everything else is closed today.
The Gazebo is covered with ice and long ice cycles. Burrrrrrr! Baby it is cold outside.
No power for about 4 hous this morning, but came back on about 8 o'clock.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some definate signs of Winter & Christmas

First I want to tell everyone the reason I use the bigger font to send emails and post to my blog. I can't see the little fonts and I figure I am not the only one so I always use a larger font, it is easier to read. Duh!

Yes, Winter is coming, it is a lot cooler here in Oklahoma and the weather man/woman says we are going to have a "winter mix", I am not sure what that means but they seem to use the term rather loosely around here in the winter. The trees have pretty much lost their leaves, if they haven't lost them at least the leaves have gone from gold, orange and red to your basic brown, and so has most of the grass. I always look forward to the return of the "GREEN" in the spring. I do like for the snow to flutter in and cover up the brown.

Another sign that winter is on the horizon is the Winter Band Concert. The Winter Band Concert by the Putnam City North High School Concert Band was last night and the kids played wonderful. It is hard to believe that they learned all of this music in just a few short weeks since "Marching Season" was over. Mr. Illgen's (the assistant Band Director) Jazz Band played a medley of Christmas tunes, the Percussion Ensemble played "Christmas Time is Here", "Silent Night", and "Santa's in the House". The Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble played a profusion of Christmas music. Then for the grand finale the combined bands (The Mega Band) conducted by Susan Clothier (The band director/head of the band department) played "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and a spectacular traditional piece called "Russian Christmas Music". There were parents, siblings, grand parents and family members of the students and staff to make up a very receptive audience.The finale number got a standing ovation. The Band Boosters made some money with their fund raiser (Johnny Carino gift cards)and a raffle for an Eskimo Joe's gift certificate. The Marching season CD is also on sale and you know how those grand parents love to see their grand children perform. It was a wonderful evening of music that was enjoyed by all.

Susan is not only the band director at PC North but she is also the Music Minister at the Spring Creek Baptist church at 118th and MacArthur in OKC. The annual Christmas program will be this Sunday 12/9/07 . The program will consist of the SCB Chior and an ensemble of very talented musians (including some of her students, friends and her mega-talented brother, Don on the piano) This Christmas tradition is always looked forward to with great anticipation.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Altered Bird Book

This is the last of the Pages for the Altered Bird Book. The reason these are all in posts by themselves is because I figured out if I do a few spreads at a time then I could have more control over the posting. Some of the birds are pictures gleened from books and the internet and some are drawn images. I am giving this book to my sister-in-law for Christmas, because she and my brother love birds, and are avid bird watchers. I have not finished the covers yet because I haven't found the right thing to cover it with. You know when you make something that is close to your heart, you just have to have the perfect thing to cover it in.

Altered Bird Book

The spread on the left is of Austrilian Bird Mail Art with some beautiful German Bird Prints from . Then I punched star holes down one side. Both of these spreads were done with Golden Glazes for the back ground. The spread on the right has a hole with a gromet where some "hairy" fiber was threaded through it and then I put a puter humming bird charm on either end, so the next page has a hummingbird charm dangling on it also.

Altered Bird Book

I really didn't start out to turn this into a tutorial but it seems to have gone in that direction. Anyway, these pages were done with Golden Glazes, and some stamping with old foam stamps that I have had forever. The leaf is the "last" leaf of the Orchid I tried to grow, to no avail, as you can see. But it dried a really cool color and it just happen to go great on this page.

Altered Bird Book

This spread was done with a picture of a tree, that I took at Rose State College, and then I got some of the leaves from the tree and dried them. The leave are dark green on the top side and white on the bottom side. I added some Paper Perfect and some wooden letters. A little stamping with an old foam stamp.

Altered Bird Book

These pages were done with some liquid watercolor that I got in the children's department at Hobby Lobby. I never dreamed that the pigment would be so strong. I put a coat of Mod Podge sealer on top of the color, but when I glued down the bird images the color bled through. Some time when you are experimenting in art some really wonderful things happen, this was one of those times. The pigment colored the eggs in the nest and I used some plastic letters that let the color show through. You may have to click on the pic to see the letters.

Altered Bird Book

The page on the left has windows to the next page. You can see the birds through the windows. When you turn the page you cand see the birds appear on an altered page that has real (dried) leaves.

The Square that looks like a stamp, is my "chop" it is my name in Chinesse. My friend Nelda that lives in San Jose, CA went to China Town in San Francisco and had it made by a man that carves them out of marble, the stamp is on one end and my Chinesse Zodiac Symbol (the Snake is on the top. I love using it on my art work. This is the first AB that I have used it in.

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