Friday, July 24, 2009

Santa Fe 2009

We had a wonderful trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We left on the 4th of July and stayed 8 days. It was great because we took my grand daughter Katlin (15) with us. Since we were traveling on the 4th of July we wore our matching Old Navy Flag We had a great trip and visited about 20 Gallery's and several Museums... This Elephant statue is in the garden of one of the Galleries we visited...It is life size of a baby elephant and it is as you can see a fountain, with the water coming out of her trunk. I have more pics of the terrific art at this Gallery and will post them later...but this was my favorite. Why? you say, well I am very partial to elephants and I have a collection of over 2000 elephants.
This is my friend Susan and Katlin in the court yard of a restaurant that we went too, in downtown Santa Fe. It was awesome with lots of flowers fountains and sculptures.

This is Susan and Katlin in front of the New Mexico Info Center as you enter the sate. We got lots of magazines and pamphlets (we read them How can they afford to give away all of that paper?

Katlin and I sitting of the fountain in front of the Info center...I also took a whole bunch of "Shadow" pics of Katlin and Susan here...the sun was in the perfect place for taking shadow pics I will post them later...I am going to use them in some of my art work.

This was a really cool sculpture in front of another gallery that we visited in Santa Fe, If you click on the pic it will get bigger and you can read the name of the gallery.

This is Katlin with one of the many sculptures that are just "laying around" the yard and gardens at Jeremy & Karen Thomas's house in Espanola just North of Santa FE. Some of them are finished and some of them are in "work". I will be posting some more of his sculptures on my other blog soon and you can get an idea of how talented he is. Jeremy was one of my former students at PCN and now he is a sculpture working in Santa Fe. He has work in several galleries in Santa Fe and California and get thousands of dollars for his sculptures, needless to say I am very very proud of him. You can find a link to his web site in the side bar.
Katlin is standing next to a sculpture of several "Bigger" than life size bears in the same garden where the elephant fountain was, we spent a couple of hours here because there was just so much to see in the garden and inside the gallery.

The flowers and trees were so beautiful, Katlin thought it would be a great place to have here Senior pics made...of course she is only a sophomore, so I guess we will have to go back to Santa Fe in a couple of years to take more pics...:)