Monday, October 20, 2008

Bands of America Marching Contest in St Louis

Here we are on the steps of the Arch in St Louis...this is one of out trailers that carry some of the stuff that bands know...instruments, uniforms, and tarps. The big blob of people is the band...The Putnam City North Panther Pride Marching Band...This was on Friday morning...they marched in the Ram's Dome at 3:30 that afternoon. There were 56 bands competing from all over the US: Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Arkansas. This is Susan, sitting under a tree at the river across the street from the Arch. She is the Band Director. There are 124 band members and it takes those 3 big buses in the background to move them a big big truck, and two big trailers. Thankfully she has a wonderful staff and a terrific band booster organization that helps.
This is a shot in the stadium just before they marched...The show is call "Escape from Dystopia" They finished in the middle of the "pack" at 36th. That Dome is so HUGE, it is a very exciting experience for the kids and the adults. We were all very proud of the kids and their performance....